Shark Island Pro-Grip
Twin Stringer Body Board
from $79.95

Unique contoured elbow and forearm mouldings plus finger & thumb grips provide superior hold and precise control on this high performance twin stringer body board

Shark Island is regarded by bodyboarders as producing one of the “heaviest” waves in the world, a dangerous reef break about 100 metres off Cronulla, New South Wales, Australia. Comprising of a rock ledge that is fully exposed at low tide, the island is a world renowned bodyboarding location with a wave that can suck up fast and violent, making it difficult, dangerous and fun!

The Shark Island body board features great design, fantastic quality, high performance and value for your money. Power-Flex Twin stringers provide stiffness while allowing twist, flex and fantastic power manoeuvres. Twin channel, crescent tail for speed and control. Chine rails for excellent carving in small and large surf.

Exclusive grip bar right across the nose, underside of the board for no-slip grip
Heightened and emphasised thumb grips for a surer hold
Contoured elbow and forearm mouldings provide superior grip and precise control
Rear quarter molding provide a more positive hand grip for powerful manoeuvres
Redback invented the Twin Strigers! They provide stiffness whilst allowing twist & flex for power manoeuvres, that’s why they’ve been copied by others

Available in 4 colours Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red & Lime

Code Variant Product Size Colour
656555939   Shark Island Pro-Grip 39 $79.95
39" 4 Col
656555941   Shark Island Pro-Grip 41 $89.95
41" 4 Col
656555942   Shark Island Pro-Grip 42.5 $99.95
42.5" 4 Col
656555945   Shark Island Pro-Grip 45 $99.95
45" 4 Col






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