Our Roots


We love the surf... simple as that...

However you want to have a go in the ocean, we're continually looking at new technology to get you in the water, get more waves and have more fun.

We've got a huge range of body boards, surfboards, malibus, surf mats, skim boards and a brand new range of stand up paddle boards.

Jimmy the Spider
The redback spider is an Australian icon, kinda dangerous but a bit of a larrikin. That's the way we see ourselves and so developed Jimmy the Spider as our own icon. Jimmy has grown and developed over time, just as we have...


From a single shop on the Northern Beaches of Sydney 28 years ago we've grown with a philosophy of honesty, innovation, mateship and a passion for fun, in and on the water

Body Boards
Back in the late 80s and early 90s body boards were hand made, pretty expensive and could delaminate. Redback Surf came up with a unique choice, you could have a professional, high quality slick body board for under $100
An Australian first, Redback body boards were made from solid EVA foam construction with a slick cover welded to the body. They just can't delaminate!
This changed the body board market forever and we continue to improve with our awesome new body boards at incredible prices. PLUS all body boards are sold with FREE leash & plug.
Redback was a major sponsor of 'The Road' surf expedition and DVD, featuring sponsored riders in rugged Australian terrain and Toyota Troopy 'The Dog'

Surf Mats
Next we relaunched the classic surf mat, it's easy to ride for anyone, great value and so much fun.
Redback surf mats took off like a rocket, one of the things we're best known for. Our range is second to none with shapes, designs & sizes to cater for the whole family.
You can even check out the action at the annual Redback Surf Mat Challenge in Burleigh Heads QLD.

The Redback surfboard team is dedicated to getting your wave count up and developing low impact surfboards with high performance to get the most out of every wave, fun for all degrees of ability in any surf conditions.
Our low impact, high tech softboard construction means 'surf without the hurt'

Redback Surf has also expanded into performance malibu boards, skim boards, and the new (if a bit retro), incredibly popular stand up paddle boards
Remember, there's no antidote for fun and we wouldn't have it any other way..!








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