Elite Soft SUP 10'8"
with Telescopic Safety Paddle

Great combination of performance, fitness
and family fun

SUP surfing is an ideal sport for a superior core workout and upper body strength.
The SUP workout focuses on the muscles in the middle of the body, the core abdominals, the stomach, lower back plus the shoulders. It's low impact, low load, repetitive nature, tones and strengthens your core with minimal risk of injury associated with more resistant types of workouts.

Softboard Technology reduces chance of injury for rider and others in the water
Textured Soft Top for rider comfort, can be used without wax
Refined Rail Profile for improved turning performance
3 Expoxy Sealed Plywood Stringers moulded into core for great stability
in still water or surf
Carry handle sunk into deck to reduce chance of tripping while riding
Planing surface is relatively flat for ease of attaining speed
Rockers at front and tail aid the boards manoeuvrability
Telescopic paddle from 1500mm extends to 2200mm, also features protective rail
to reduce chance of damage to the SUP and others in the water
Quad fins for greater directional stability

Code Variant Product Size Colour
6568736 Elite Soft SUP 10'8"
10'8" White/Blue






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