Compact Surf SUP 8'9"
with Grip Deck & Paddle

with Grip Deck



Surfs like a malibu, paddles like an SUP

Truly a revolution in SUP technology. Designed and refined to perform better in the surf. For it's compact size, it still paddles like an SUP of 12' or more

Built with four laminated stringers and was specifically designed to have great stability in flat waters or surf with speed and ease of paddling normally associated with much longer boards.
At just 8'9"long has great manoeuvrability in the surf and the performance tri-fin set-up gives good drive out of turns.
Angled cut rails make it easier to bury the rails into the face of the wave and get improved height and speed across the face.
Planing surface is relative flat for speed with rocker at front and tail where it is needed of manoeuvrability.
Very light, weighing in at less than 13kg and the centre grip handle makes it easy to carry for males or females and young people.
Soft board construction which means low impact and unlike conventional heavy SUP boards is much less likely to result in injury to riders or swimmers.

Code Variant Product Size Colour
6568720P $899 Compact Surf SUP 8'9" With Grip Deck & Paddle
8'9" White/Grey
6568720 $799 Compact Surf SUP 8'9" With Grip Deck 8'9" White/Grey







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