Revolution Malibu
8.0' Performance Trainer

Performance to rival fibreglass longboards
With Hand Tuned Rails for superior turning power and Rigid Construction giving fibreglass-like stiffness to the board

The Revolutionary Technology Series dramatically improves board stiffness and prevents unwanted flexing when paddling & riding on the wave face.
The Revolution Series provides speed and manoeuvrability similar to fibreglass boards. This series features two laminated stringers for extra strength & stiffness through the core of the board creating a super-rigid, light weight performance board. The hand shaped rails and tail are honed for greater speed and power in driving turns. The rocker is specially tuned for performance. High density slick top deck for responsive control and slick bottom for speed. 3 performance fins. No Leash. Choice of 3 colours.

6568212100-520 Rev Mal Rails

Code Variant Product Size Colour
6568211100 Revolution Malibu 8.0' Pink
8.0' Pink
6568211520 Revolution Malibu 8.0' Blue
8.0' Blue
6568211900 Revolution Malibu 8.0' White 8.0' White



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