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Give the Gift of a Healthy Lifestyle

Sport and Outdoor products encourage us to exercise and puts our Brands in an important position to help lead the fight for a healthier lifestyle for every Australian.
We can help each other by our choice gifts!

Our Shared Values, for the Environment and our Code of Ethics

Environment is Basic to our Values

• Our community and Industry conscience will not be compromised by business decisions, and we place our responsibility to protect the oceans and the environment high amongst the issues.
• The Environment is intrinsic to the nature of the healthy outdoor lifestyle that we encourage and promote activities that have low impact on the environment. We are Members of the Australian Packaging Convention and recycle over 95% of all packaging materials with a commitment to using recyclable materials and seek the reduction of the use of non-recyclable materials.


Respect For People and Businesses

“We at Home Grown Brands Australia are a Team and our Customers are always the First Priority of our team and each individual team member…”  

• We view our nationality as World Citizens and as such do not discriminate Culture, Ethnicity, Religion, Age, Gender, or Economic status. We judge only by honesty, ethics, and actions. We believe in the rights of individuals be they customers, suppliers, permanent and casual employees, contracted staff, managers, and supervisors.
• We all share a commitment to the team to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability, for without profit we cannot fulfil our promises to our customers nor provide a workplace with career opportunities where all staff can be mentored, trained, developed, and provided with a secure and safe workplace for themselves and for fellow team members.

Community and Customers

• We are committed to be responsive in every detail to our Customers’ and their Consumer’s Needs, Wants, Wishes and Opinions

• Our focus is on providing efficient, consistent, personal service, beyond our Customers’ expectations, every time. We are passionate about exceptional customer service and take ownership of our position in the team by paying meticulous attention to every detail in everything we undertake or are responsible for.

• We are constantly questioning industry norms and renewing our direction to meet the changing Consumer market and thereby developing lifelong relationships with our Customers through their ability to achieve success.

Committed to Quality and Innovation.

• Innovative Product Designs, Quality, Added Value, Performance Enhancement, Reliability, Realistic Pricing, Promotion and After Sales Service are at the heart of our business.

• We are vigorously committed to all forms of promotion that is informative and generate sales & profit for our customers, our product and expand the market in general

Loyal to Customers and Our Business Partners

• We actively believe it is our obligation to support our partners in business. They are our Customers and our Suppliers of product and services, who we respect and support in their desire to succeed, grow and for their business to be sustainable through us.

The initial Code of Ethics was developed by the Team members of Home Grown Brands Australia Pty. Ltd with discussion and input contributed by every person. Voted upon and formally adopted 14th June 1995

Quality worthy of a Lifetime Warranty

"Quality is Never an Accident...."

"It is always the result of High Intentions, Sincere Effort, Intelligent Direction and Skilful Execution...
…...It Represents the wise choice of many alternatives...!"